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Name: mendel lee
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I'm a composer, musician, and music educator residing in New Orleans, LA. Visit my site for more details, or do a search for me. I'm very easy to find on the internet.

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Jun 22

Solo (2018) – the non-spoiler review

My gut reaction immediately after the movie was that of annoyance above all else, but that was going into it with some subconscious bias about it given that the movie continues to flop worldwide and has had a lot of mixed reviews. I wanted to give it some time before writing about it to see …

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May 27

How a single spacetime could still be preserved after the AoS season 5 finale

Spoiler warning for Agents Of SHIELD end of Season 5. One of the key narratives in AoS season 5’s second pod was the conflict between what Fitz and Simmons had both believed about spacetime back in season three (time is fixed and can’t be changed) and the idea that maybe it wasn’t fixed – which …

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May 16

Minkowski Etudes: The Aftermath

It was about one year ago when I made the decision to write¬†Minkowski Etudes as a work for solo trumpet and interactive electronics. Last week my performer Dylan premiered it in its entirety for his senior recital and he also played it as a part of the Southern Sonic Festival. The Max programming needs some …

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