Babbling Rooks

Babbling Rooks

Babbling Rooks is a weekly life/gaming vlog series inspired and modeled after the “Let’s Drown Out” YouTube series by Yahtzee Crowshaw and Gabe Morton.  The series focuses on Kyle Pearcy and Mendel Lee asking and answering random questions whilst playing a board game or a video game as background.  The gameplaying itself is secondary to the conversations generated from the questions asked.

The rules for questions are:

  1. Kyle and Mendel have 4 questions each: two that are meant for the other to answer and two that are meant for both of them to answer.
  2. Questions can cover any topic (but in spirit are meant to reveal personal experiences or perspectives).  Questions may not ask for information that could be incriminating (e.g. “Have you murdered anyone?  Tell us the details!”).
  3. Questions are not screened ahead of time.

Conversation is allowed to meander, but the general goal is for videos to last somewhere around 60 minutes, give or take.

Videos will be posted every Sunday on Mendel’s YouTube channel.

Latest episode: