I am always looking for opportunities to compose and/or arrange music for you!

I have a wealth of knowledge and over fifteen years of experience in the creation of music for musicians and ensembles as well as competitive marching band and drumline show arrangement. I pride myself in how my musical vision and innovations can inspire both performers and its audience, and how I am able to strike a proper balance between challenge and achievability for all levels of musicians and students from beginners to professionals.

Composition is a collaborative process between the composer and its performers. Through the entire creative process I will work with you to ensure that what we create together will result in a product that is right for you and for your ensemble. I want to create music that you love to perform.

Pricing for commissions are on a project by project basis. Particularly in the context of marching band or drumline arrangements, I want to be sure that I am compensated fairly for my work, but I am not interested in doing so at the expense of your school’s budget. As this is not currently my primary source of income, i am very willing to negotiate and be flexible about payment and am likely able to come to a mutual agreement with you.

Contact me if you are interested in having me write or arrange for you!

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