2013 - Inspirational Cycles featuring Jenni Brandon

nienteForte’s 3rd concert was centered around music written by West Chester University professors and peers. Featured composer Jenni Brandon spoke and had her work Cumulonimbus: The King of Clouds performed. Also included on the program were works by Mendel Lee, Robert Maggio, Larry Nelson, and a world premiere by Lona Kozik.


2012 - featuring Steven Brown

nienteForte’s 2nd concert featured Steven Brown, trumpet player from the University of Houston, who performed Encounters III by William Kraft with Mark Lighthiser. Also included on the program were world premiere compositions by Mark Lighthiser and Mendel Lee, as well as works by Michael Gordon, John Villec, and David Lang.


2011 - featuring David Constantine
nienteForte’s debut concert featured David Constantine, assistant principal timpanist of the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra, who did a world premiere of Mendel Lee’s work Timpani Forces. Also included on the program were works by Ingram Marshall, Michael Torke, Lou Harrison, and Michael Mauldin.

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