polyomi (2015)

a flash puzzle game

polyomi is a flash puzzle game created and programmed by my brother Felix Lee of which I was the designer and creator of all of the music and some of the sound effects.

The audio was conceived around the menu screen layout – four tracks associated with each row and four tracks associated with each column. Music played for each stage would be the cross-section of the row and column track.

Polyomi is a game about the gradual discovery of new gameplay mechanics and the depth of gameplay strategy once the player achieves a certain level of skill; the audio was designed to mirror that experience by creating a sound world where something new would be discovered about the musical journey the more the player engaged with the game and with the audio experience.

Polyomi is playable on both Kongregate and itch.io. The itch.io site has a place where you can download the soundtrack for a donation of $1 or more.

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