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Apr 10

Habits of Man – fifteen years later

Recently I pulled out my old solo digital audio work¬†Habits of Man for a recital here on campus. It’s the first time that I’ve listened to it critically in several years (even though I posted it on YouTube four years ago): There are a couple of small nagging sloppy parts to the piece that frustrate …

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Sep 18

endings are malleable

Sometime a week ago, there were three parts of Moon of Eris that still needed work – the last development of the B section, how that B section lead to the A’ prime section, and the very ending (I had already written the A’ section a month or so ago because i knew that the …

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Jan 10

PASIC commission

So over the holidays I solidified a commission with the Portland Percussion Group. They put in a concert proposal for PASIC 2013 and one of the pieces for that concert will be written by me. The theme for the concert is essentially the Pacific Northwest – the concert is going to spotlight composers that have …

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