Coherence (2013)

It’s hard to review the movie without spoiling it; it’s one of those where the less you know about the movie going in the better, which was actually the method of its filming – the actors/actresses were not given a script, they were given index cards that only they could see describing their ultimate direction for the scene, and they used that information to improv off of each other.

But while What We Do in The Shadows was filmed similarly to capture comedic organicism, Coherence was filmed this way to create organicism in the growing tension of the film’s sci-fi premise. I have my gripes about the film (discussed below), but overall it was incredibly successful and a compelling and unique film that I’ve already recommended to other people. The cast’s performance is outstanding, and the premise and how it unfolds is fascinating.

At some point as I was watching, I remarked…

evolving creative threads

I’ve suddenly found myself with two commissions for works that I need to complete over the summer – one work for the Byrne:Kozar:Duo and one for the Portland Percussion Group. The creative concepts I have for both involve using text as a vehicle for the works, but how I use and evolve the text in each piece are contrasting enough that I thought it would be a good exercise to talk about them conceptually.

I wrote in an earlier blog entry…