Moon of Eris World Premiere!

After a much longer process than anyone anticipated, Moon of Eris is going to be World Premiered by the Portland Percussion Group this coming November.  Stay tuned for further details!

New Projects!

ad_nophotoWith the school year coming to a close, i’m getting the ball rolling on new creative projects this next yearly cycle.  This includes a new commission for the Santa Teresa High School 2015 Concert season, finally writing my electronic music piece In a Fast-Paced World, and updating various music and video related to my job with the TUMB.  I’ll be updating and blogging about these projects over the summer as they develop!

Timpani Forces – published!

tapspaceTimpani Forces is now officially a part of the tapspace catalog!  You can peruse it and order it here, through their website.  Again, my many thanks to David Constantine and Chris Whyte for their wonderful performances of the piece, and thanks to Jim Casella and tapspace for the honor of publishing it.

Remnants – the aftermath!

625457_487343504626725_860190655_nMany thanks to the Liminal Space Contemporary Music Ensemble for their excellent debut of my piece Remnants of The Sunken Cathedral!  The work needs some minor revision, but I’m still very happy with the piece and what they did with it.  Look for it on their upcoming CD next year!

I want to write for you!

I am always looking for new opportunities to write music for solo musicians and ensembles, marching bands, and drumlines. Visit the commission page for more information on how we can collaborate together to create great music!

Follow me!

I am very active on google plus and on livejournal, and i also maintain a blog on this site. Feel free to subscribe to my various footprints on the internet to keep up to date on my professional endeavors, my life, and my humble thoughts.

Clip of the Month:

Using the LEAP Motion and Max to control an octophonic sound system