The timeline of Tiassa

Spoilers for a lot of the Vlad Taltos series here. Most of the places that i’ve seen list the chronology of Brust’s Vlad series list it in this way (this one taken from the Dragaera wiki): Taltos Dragon (Main story) Yendi Dragon (Interludes) Tiassa (Section 1) Jhereg Teckla Phoenix Jhegaala Athyra Orca Issola Dzur Tiassa […]

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snapshot analogies

some years ago i quoted this passage from Issola in my other journal, but it seems appropriate to quote again as it and what it signifies has been on my mind lately. You know, Loiosh, if anybody had told me yesterday that thirty hours later I would have rescued Morrolan and Aliera, nearly killed the […]

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