Let’s Collaborate Together!

A vital philosophical belief I hold of my projects is that any composition or arrangement is a collaborative process between the music creator and its performers. Through the entire creative process, I will work with you to ensure that what we create together will result in a project that is the right fit for you and/or your group. The last thing I want to do is to create something that you don’t love to perform.

I consider my compositional voice to be yin and yang. The yin side is rhythmically bombastic and complex layers with an underlying groove. The yang side is the exploration of spaciousness. While my music varies in complexity, tonality, and emotional/intellectual core, I believe that at the heart of it all, my voice capitalizes on the musical journey that I give to the listener and the performer.

As an arranger (primarily for marching band and drumline), I have over three decades of arranging experience for both competitive and non-competitive groups, both high school and college.

I pride myself in how my musical vision and innovations can inspire both performers and its audience, and how I am able to strike a proper balance between challenge and achievability for all levels of musicians from beginners to professionals.

So let’s work together and make some amazing music! Please contact me.