Data Projects

Composer/Performer Connections Database

The Composer/Performer Connections Database is a crowdsourced database housed within Google Sheets with the purpose of connecting living composers and performers together for potential collaboration. It’s designed as a basic and initial touchpoint, with some potential for growth in functionality.

Composers/Performers enter their information via a Google Form. Their info is then searchable with filters of gender identity, ethnic identity, and performer/ensemble specifications.

The CPCD is currently in Alpha.

Stadium Social Distance Seating Tool

The Stadium Social Distance Seating Tool was developed during COVID-19 to provide a template for marching bands to assign seating for their membership that could be socially distant. Enter an ‘instrument type’ that can be user-defined as “minimum safe distance” or “greater safe distance” types, and the sheet will tell you what seats are available that are safe social distance and if there are any conflicts.

Marching Band Listening vs Watching Tool

The Marching Band Listening vs Watching Tool is a method of calculating listening vs watching responsibilities with a marching arts organization that employs the battery percussion as center of time and the drum major/conductors as the communicators of the battery percussion’s center of time. Define the tempo, location of the battery and DMs, and the acceptable amount of audible error, and it will display a series of bands that informs field members when to play in relation to what they hear or see to ensure that the full ensemble is as together as possible.