Minkowski Etudes for solo Trumpet and Interactive Electronics


Difficulty: Advanced

Length: 12 minutes

Available in B-flat or C

Shippable version available either bound (two-sided) or unbound (one-sided), and includes a USB flash drive with the Minkowski Mac App

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Minkowski Etudes is a three-movement work for solo trumpet and interactive electronics that explores different concepts of time perception. It was commissioned by Dylan Koester.

Purchase of Minkowski Etudes includes:

  • A PDF Score
  • A MacOS App needed to perform the piece. If you use Windows, drop me an email.

Performance of Minkowski Etudes also requires (not included):

  • An instrumental microphone
  • An audio interface with at least two channels of input and output
  • A computer
  • Stereo amplification

Instructions on how to use the accompanying app: