branding company words versus common words

Those that know anything about business have at least a basic understanding of the concept of branding and how powerful a successful brand can be. There’s a lot to the brand concept that is tangental to this post; the particular ‘brand’ concept of interest here is word branding. i’m not sure if word branding has a more technical term to it, but when i use it, i’m talking about one of two things.

bored with mobile phones

verizon has been sending me emails saying that i now qualify for my “new every two”. i upgraded my work iPhone’s OS to 3.0. neither of these things exicted me, and from this i think i’ve discovered that i’m pretty much over the newest mobile phone trend. i like having a phone on the go. i like having a handy camera in case i don’t have my real one. i like being able to text […]

joining the iPhone revolution (with a tangent on music notation software)

for various reasons that would be highly tangental to this post, the tulane band staff recently got iPhones to use as work mobiles. a few people who know me pretty well said, “it’s funny to think of you with an iPhone,” and it’s true. i’ve stated a few times on this poor excuse for a blog how i distinguish between technology innovations that i feel are practical or useful or worthy of note versus technology […]