pew pew pew…

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my brain is firing in about eight different directions right now. these should be written down somewhere for myself if nowhere else. 1. my wind ensemble piece entitled beauty…beholder is almost done. I feel a lot better about it than i did about a week ago because things in the end finally started to click into place. It’s not my best work mainly because i’m out of practice writing original stuff for large groups – […]

overcoming granular limitations of the stepmania editor

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Above is one of the charts i’m more proud of from DSR Squared, a refined version of some earlier attempts at the BPM speed up/freeze effect i’ve used in a few other historical charts. Someone had asked about the details of the construction of the chart to which i gave a brief answer as it was in the middle of the tourney. This is the more complete answer which explains how a fundamental flaw with […]

a different music video game concept

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if you look at the evolution of music video gaming, some of the execution styles may be different (stomping arrows with your feet, playing fake drums or guitar) and some of the judgement granularities are different (guitar freaks gives you perfects/greats/goods/poors where guitar hero is you-get-it-or-you-don’t), but all of them follow a similar model: the performer or performers are executing based on what they see on the screen and they’re being judged based on how […]