social media dilution revisited

A while back i blogged about how i planned to separate my various social media identities by content. At the time, the biggest unknown was the distinction between facebook and google plus, then three months old. at that point, i had maybe 100 or so people in my circles, less than that who had me circled, versus about 700-ish friends on facebook. now, a year and a half later, my dynamic has shifted. I have […]

five things i like about fb more than g+ and vice versa:

i’ve been thinking about the whole fb vs google plus thing again lately just because i spend enough time on both so i thought i’d make two “five things” lists. five things i like about facebook more than google plus: 1. degree of interaction on my own posts. Part of it is that i know that i’m quirky and i don’t try to conform posts in a way to get more hits, something that can […]

social identity – moving forward

About a month ago i wrote an entry about some of the challenges that have cropped up from having multiple social identities. I’ve had the opportunity to think more about the direction that i feel i should take with my various social footprints on the web and thought it was worth writing about to share some of the how and why of my social identity conception moving forward.