The failure of Finale’s Percussion Mapping in 2010+

Fairly recently the Tulane University Marching Band upgraded their version of Finale from 2009 to 2011 in an attempt to stay current with the new software. It was only about a week ago that i discovered that since Finale 2010 they did a complete overhaul of the Percussion Mapping feature. Initially when i looked at it, i thought “wow, that’s different, but it looks like it’s an improvement.” Tonight i discovered that the change is […]

cascading percussion notation problems and solutions

the initial problem: the drumline at tulane this coming year is pretty small (8 people), so the show is being written where each member plays multiple roles. To start, everyone is in percussion pods that are out on the field. At some point, they switch to traditional battery instruments of 3 snares, four bass drums, one cymbal. After that, half of those shed their drums to put on ethnic drums/timbales, then they move back to […]