ideas for a minimalist fireworks display composition meant to bring a community together

most of the time i’ve ever seen fireworks, i’ve found myself dissatisfied with the lack of form and aesthetic pacing in the presentation.  Usually there’s a group of a particular type of firework that gets shot off, and then there’s a pause, and then there’s another group, and then there’s another pause, &c until the big finale where they shoot off more fireworks at once as a climax.  After a while, i just get bored.  […]

accidental canon

So here’s the setup: I’m at work, and i want to send someone an ecard.  I google it and pick a random ecard website, discover that you can’t turn off music on their cards by default, decide to move to the next one. Go to the next one.  Find a card i like, try to open that card up in firefox, but for some reason the flash part isn’t unblocking from my flashblock plugin – […]

pew pew pew…

my brain is firing in about eight different directions right now. these should be written down somewhere for myself if nowhere else. 1. my wind ensemble piece entitled beauty…beholder is almost done. I feel a lot better about it than i did about a week ago because things in the end finally started to click into place. It’s not my best work mainly because i’m out of practice writing original stuff for large groups – […]