branding company words versus common words

Those that know anything about business have at least a basic understanding of the concept of branding and how powerful a successful brand can be. There’s a lot to the brand concept that is tangental to this post; the particular ‘brand’ concept of interest here is word branding. i’m not sure if word branding has a more technical term to it, but when i use it, i’m talking about one of two things.

bored with mobile phones

verizon has been sending me emails saying that i now qualify for my “new every two”. i upgraded my work iPhone’s OS to 3.0. neither of these things exicted me, and from this i think i’ve discovered that i’m pretty much over the newest mobile phone trend. i like having a phone on the go. i like having a handy camera in case i don’t have my real one. i like being able to text […]

TMI in our digital age

i think most people would agree that i am generally an embracer of technology and the use of technology to enrich work, lives, arts, &c. in middle school and high school i was the geek who was addicted to video games, excited to learn how to use computers, and spent hours logging on to BBS’s everywhere in the Pennsylvania area to chat, play online games, and the like. I’m an advocate of technology in classical […]