social identity problems (and a commentary on the recent fb changes)

There are a lot of ways to create social identity on the internet these days. With the addition of google plus to my social networking, i now have six regular social identities, which feels like a hell of a lot and thus necessitates some analysis and introspection. Specifically, i’m trying to hone in on what i feel the role that each of these social identities have in my overall online social presence – compare and […]

shifting roles of my social media engines

yesterday i came to realize something about the old facebook profile page versus the new facebook profile page, and it’s shifted my mentality when it comes to my social media presence. The old fb profile page supported fb’s original paradigm that a person’s fb presence was predominantly about statuses. It’s true that on a news feed you get a glimpse of an entire breadth of a person’s fb activity, but when you clicked on a […]

crowded mall – a mindset

This is really more of an oscillate entry, but for various reasons it’s been a while since i’ve posted on here and my thoughts about this bleed into resonate territory, so i thought i’d cross over. Not with John Edward. ahem. I’ve been sick for a good four or so days now with some sort of cold/flu/feverish thing that’s been passed around. I”m not 100% back to full health, but i was feeling alert enough […]