The fundamental flaw in Pyware

so after working with and getting to actually know the fundamental workings of pyware more intimately, i’m finding myself annoyed at the fact that transitions are not independent elements between endpoints.

as in, say i create a 16 count move and in that move i have John go from point B to point C. Once that move is “inked”, Pyware does a calculation of where John is supposed to be after every count and writes each individual count accordingly for the purpose of animating the drill. Those in between counts are called “transitions.” The transition thing is nice; sure you could create it as just a vector calculation from point B to C instead of writing each individual count, but there are perks to doing it this way particularly when it comes to calculation or modification of important design data such as step size, pathways, subsets, &c. But where this gets fussy is when any drill needs to be rewritten because there’s no way to delete a transition without deleting an endpoint.

For Instance…