Coherence (2013)

It’s hard to review the movie without spoiling it; it’s one of those where the less you know about the movie going in the better, which was actually the method of its filming – the actors/actresses were not given a script, they were given index cards that only they could see describing their ultimate direction for the scene, and they used that information to improv off of each other. But while What We Do in […]

The Protector (2018)

One of the more important creeds when writing time-based art (music, marching drill, film) is that making big moments is easy – it’s the transitions that are hard. Ultimately this is what made me decide after only two and a half episodes in to abandon this random Turkish Netflix superhero show, at least for the moment.

Solo (2018) – the non-spoiler review

My gut reaction immediately after the movie was that of annoyance above all else, but that was going into it with some subconscious bias about it given that the movie continues to flop worldwide and has had a lot of mixed reviews. I wanted to give it some time before writing about it to see if my opinion would change after it settled in my brain. The answer? Kinda.