Mare Nostrum: Empires (2016)

On the one hand, the game is pretty fun to play because it’s immersive and most of the game mechanics involved in how you gather resources, how you trade resources, and the various pathways in which you can ensure victory are nuanced in a way that’s simultaneously easy to grasp but full of strategy depth.  On the other hand, there are a couple of huge imbalances in the game that bias the result in favor […]

time travel chess adjustments – addendum

In rereading my previous post about an alternative ruleset to time travel chess, I realized that there’s a flaw in the following rule adjustment regarding a piece that returns to the board after jumping forward in time: If a piece opts to jump, they have to move in a way that’s legal for the board state at the time and then place a marker on that tile.  That square is then “protected” at that move, […]

time travel chess adjustments

I know that i haven’t really talked about my trip to London or posted any of the pics, but the reality is that a lot of what I want to say about that trip is featured in the Can’t Stop episode of my Babbling Rooks series, so writing about it feels redundant. So instead we’re going to talk about Time Travel Chess – and some adjustments that I feel helps the game make more sense […]