Timpani Forces – from conception to publication part 2

Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 Having decided that “False Waltz” (as it was still titled at the time) belonged at the end of the whole piece, i started working on the second movement “Chaconne”.  I quickly discovered that there was probably good reason why chaconnes weren’t written on timpani. Since Dave and I had decided that the piece worked better with four timpani rather than five (which had been my original intent), […]

Timpani Forces – from conception to publication part 1

Timpani Forces recently became a part of the tapspace percussion catalog. I’m very proud of the piece and also very humbled by how far the piece has taken me – it feels good that this is my first piece of published music, as i feel like it’s a good representation of both my musical voice and my personality. To celebrate its publication and its promotion at PASIC this coming weekend, i thought i’d write a […]