beauty…beholder and a possible guest speaking gig in Hawaii

So i keep in regular contact with one of my old high school friends, Kate, who currently teaches music history at the University of Hawaii. We ended up talking about my wind ensemble piece, beauty…beholder, since that project has occupied all of my free time these past couple of weeks as i’m in final manuscript mode and pretty much ready to give it to Matt before i leave for vacation, and this has spurned a […]

conceptual shift in financial priorities with a side commentary on the change of internet social networking

for various reasons, something started taking shape for me since i moved to new orleans regarding travel. when i lived in eugene i didn’t travel that much. usually any travel were road trips related to DDR tournaments in either seattle or san fran which would occupy a weekend or four days. There were several reasons for this both philosophically and practically; mainly it was because travel felt like an expensive interruption to a flow, and […]