The eight-year reconnection – Chain Factor to Universal Paperclips

Back in 2009 I was fairly obsessed with Chain Factor – a game by Frank Lantz that would later become Zynga’s Drop7. I got good enough at it to be a consistent name in the all-time ranked leaderboard, always trading top 10 scores with some other person whose user handle i can’t recall anymore, so i decided that I wanted to record a video of me doing a decent run. The run took 22 minutes, […]

FTL Advanced Edition: Hard Mode Victory

So there’s a lot of exciting (but mostly pending) things going on with my job and with a new commission that i recently picked up, so naturally it felt like a good time to write about something completely unrelated to any of that – this past weekend i finally beat FTL: Advanced Edition on Hard mode. When Advanced Edition was released, i played it off and on (don’t look at me like that.  i did […]

flash game “music”

maybe this is just me, but i feel like flash game music has a hugely untapped potential. The electronic music program in my undergrad at West Chester helped engrain in me a preference of electronic music as an interactive performance art versus a static “tape piece” that involves no live element. Not that i don’t think that tape pieces have value or their place in our modern music history, it can just be more challenging […]