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Apr 10

Habits of Man – fifteen years later

Recently I pulled out my old solo digital audio work¬†Habits of Man for a recital here on campus. It’s the first time that I’ve listened to it critically in several years (even though I posted it on YouTube four years ago): There are a couple of small nagging sloppy parts to the piece that frustrate …

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Mar 09

the evolution of Drive (including its title)

For a few years now i’ve had this electronic piece that I’ve wanted to write using an octophonic sound environment, something that’s fairly common in electro-acoustic art music concerts. The original title of the piece was Drive. The concept was to have the piece be a representation of standing in the middle of the road …

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Mar 15

a different music video game concept

if you look at the evolution of music video gaming, some of the execution styles may be different (stomping arrows with your feet, playing fake drums or guitar) and some of the judgement granularities are different (guitar freaks gives you perfects/greats/goods/poors where guitar hero is you-get-it-or-you-don’t), but all of them follow a similar model: the …

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