backtrack on trackbacks

so there have been a few times when people have linked some of my writings here, and as such, i would get trackback notifications.  until today i didn’t understand what was going on, and thought it was just botspam attempting to create a malicious external link.


i guess this hurts me more than anything else as i don’t know who’s linking my stuff prior to now, so i’m not too worried about it.  it just makes me feel like an idiot for not getting it until now.  this entry is thus the public dunce cap on my head that i’ll bravely wear for a little while as now i know better.

it’s tempting to create some sort of regular feature to this blog such as weekly telly show reviews or something, but i’m not sure that i want to be confined to that sort of structure, nor do i want to alienate readers who may not be interested in some of the geeky telly culture that i’m a part of.  We’ll see, though.  If i have strong feelings about upcoming things that i’m watching that i feel warrants a Resonate sort of entry, i’ll probably post it.

it is my blog after all, right?  i’m not sure what the heck i’m babbling about.

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