Carnival Season!

It’s been about two weeks since i’ve finished two of my big projects. The final draft of Timpani Forces is complete, and i’m very excited to have Dave come down to New Orleans to premiere the work. Hermiston’s winter drumline show, Above and Beyond is also complete, and although they ended up falling behind on their season, the kids are very enthused about the show and excited to have new music to play over the winter season.

With those two projects now in the “finished!” column, i’m now focusing on gearing up for Mardi Gras season. I’m also working on musical concepts and composition for a video game that my brother is in the middle of developing, which is a good way to keep my creative juices flowing until mid-April, where i’ll then start work on a choir piece to be performed in Los Angeles, hopefully in the fall of 2011.

Here’s to a busy but celebratory carnival season!

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