Fall projects, travel, and website changes, oh my!

The end of the summer proved to be a crazy time for me between my commitments at Tulane, Hermiston, and the amount of traveling i was doing. Although things in the fall had initially calmed down in comparison, suddenly i’m in a whrilwind of independent projects that all happen to have deadlines around mid-december/january, and i’m still doing some personal and professional traveling through the fall semester.


– I’m in the throes of writing the choir piece that is going to be performed in the spring of 2012. The hope is to get the initial draft done and out of the way by the next week and a half so that i can make way for the other projects on my plate.

– I’m going to be writing a winter drumline show for Hermiston High School. They’ve expressed interest in doing a show based around anime music, so i’m currently doing some music research surrounding mainly Ghost in the Shell and Cowboy Bebop. There’s a lot of great music in the realm of anime, and it’s the kind of thing that could fit Hermiston’s program very well.

– I’m going to be submitting Timpani Forces to a very reputable percussion publisher/catalog in November. This means dressing up the score and possibly coming up with a brand for a title page as well as some self-promotional contact information within the inside pages.

– I’ve signed on as the Lead Sound Designer for a startup company named Galaxy Interactive. Basically i’m the music guy for their launch product, which will hopefully have its alpha in a few months, and there’s a lot of music to conceive of, write, and produce between now and then.


This weekend i’m going to be traveling to eastern Oregon to act as a consultant and general morale booster for the Hermiston High School Marching Band during the weekend of their first competition. Typically i’ve traveled out there during band camp for a couple of days, but this year the schedule conflicted with Tulane, so i opted to find a weekend during the season, and the weekend of their first competition felt like it would be a great one to see how my product translated on the field. I know that the kids have been working hard this year, and i’m pretty excited to see the product in its more completed form.

in mid-november, i’m taking a mini-vacation trip back to Pennsylvania to see Plaid play in concert, their first US tour since around 2007. I’m a hopeless Plaid fanboy; i have about 12 of their albums and have seen them play live three times already. Their most recent album that they’re promoting has a lot of great tracks on it, and the duo continue to push their creative juices not just with their studio-based albums but the collaborations that they’ve been doing with video games, films, and gamelan ensembles. i can’t wait to see them.


For those that haven’t caught my other postings regarding this, i’ve opted after having my darknote identity for about ten years to retire it in favor of rebranding myself with just my name. i started this contemplation back in June for reasons outlined here and decided to push forward with the new brand and identity this past week.

With this i did a redesign of my life blog and plan on making a few small changes to this domain to make it a little sharper and a bit more streamlined as it relates to my works page and upcoming projects.

All of this is keeping me incvredibly busy, but busy in ways that i choose to be and that i want to be; we’ll see how much i can push myself in the next couple of months when all of these things come to a head, and after it’s all over, where my next adventures will lead.

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