Hermiston Winter Show musings

after listening to a few tracks off of the Ghost in the Shell soundtrack, i think i’ve figured out which tracks i’m going to use for the musical material. The tough thing will be to weave the stuff together into a coherent whole – unlike the show i wrote for them last year which was pretty much strictly “here’s tune a, here’s tune b, here’s tune c”, i’m planning on designing the flow myself and taking a lot of creative liberties to allow for more flexibility in the pit writing.

The show will be based around three tracks:

1. Making of a Cyborg (maybe)
2. Rise
3. Inner Universe

The “Making of a Cyborg” material would be introductory and “segue” material to help gel the overall show. The other two tracks are the real meat of the show.

I may add something else to that mainly because there isn’t really anything that sticks out as a good “this is the end of the show.” I’ll listen to more of the stuff that’s out there and see if there is something, if not, then i’ll just compose something based on the material that’s already there.

The other danger i need to avoid with this show is to not make it too abstract and actual “WGI-like”. This is going to be done for basketball games only, it needs to be entertainment, so i want the opening statement to grab the audience. It will probably therefore be beat heavy, something that would make people want to dance. After i establish that, i can explore a little more creative bounds.

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