multiple creative fronts

It’s hard to believe that it’s december, not necessarily because time has flown by, but because about four months ago i was psyching myself up for December-January becoming a whirlwind of creative deadlines and I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle it.

The productive October i had really paid off – even though i ended up not getting as much done during November as i would have liked, i still forged ahead as best i could and feel that i’m pretty on top of most of my creative projects.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s going on now:

I sent the final draft of my choir piece Honeysuckle Juice off to Jenni. it feels good to have gotten that off of my plate, not just because it frees up time, but it just feels satisfying to know that i’ve cranked out another personal creative piece of music, something that’s my Own, not associated with a marching organization or with school.

I finished the first movement of Hermiston’s winter drumline show and have a good idea of how the second movement is going to work. The sketchwork for that will get done over winter break and i should hopefully be able to crank out and finish the entire show by mid january.

My work with Galaxy has been put on the backburner from a pure creation standpoint, but a lot of work has been done by me and by my employers to hammer out a more precise and structured roadmap for how all of the music is going to happen in the game. This might modify some of the musical structures that i’ve already done, but it’s still a good step forward and will make it easier for me to conceive of the musical big picture and put the elements into place. It’s very exciting working on a project like this where i get to hone my skills in electronic music creation and i also get to experiment and push the boundaries of how video game music interacts with the users. I’m sure the programming team hates me. A lot of that work is going to bear fruit starting in February.

Looking ahead, Jenni recently posted a commission/competition opportunity that has a March deadline that i may or may not try to participate in. I’d love to do it, but with everything else happening even outside of the Galaxy project which will be my main independent project focus during that time, doing that could stretch me a little thin.

Aside from that, it’s too early to say what other projects lay on the horizon as 2012 will prove to be a whirlwind of some big potential life changes. I don’t want to jump the gun and say that it’s going to be a great year as I’ve said that in past decembers and gotten burned by it, but I’m looking towards 2012 with a healthy degree of optimism. I’ll be sure to update as more news comes to light. Stay tuned!

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