Spring update!

It’s my fourth year in New Orleans (how time flies!) and as always there’s a lot of projects and travel happening.

This weekend i’ll be traveling to Los Angeles to hear The Concert Singers world premiere my new choral work Honeysuckle Juice. I heard a rehearsal take from last week and it made me smile a great deal; it’s always neat to hear something that i had only previously heard in my head or in Finale get played by real musicians. I’m very excited to hear it in person and meet some old and new friends.

After i come back from that trip, I’ll be working on the final organization, rehearsals, and other finishing touches to my second nienteForte concert here in New Orleans. The concert is coming together nicely, although i”m a bit stressed about finishing Shifting Signals I whose musical content has recently eluded me. I know i’ll figure out something in time for the concert, it may just be more of a stepping stone piece as opposed to one of my more serious works, something that can help me figure out how best to use the technology in the future.

As far as other projects, I’m going to be arranging Hermiston’s marching band show again for Fall 2012, quite possibly for the last time as the band director has decided to move on to other opportunities at the end of this school year. It’ll be sad to see her go as she has done great things for the program and given me great opportunity to write for and work some great kids. I’m also in initial conversations and negotiations to arrange a marching band show for Newport High School in Bellevue, WA.

Finally, in the next couple of months, i’m going to do another overhaul of this website to give it a fresh look and also incorporate a store that will make my scores available for purchase to the public. i’m starting to develop a portfolio that i’m pretty proud of, and although i’m still going to put some energy into talking to some major publishers, in the meantime i want to get my work out there and hopefully get people excited about my music. Look for these changes in may.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me get this far both during my time in New Orleans and my time leading up to my wonderful time here. I’m looking forward to many more productive years to come.

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