You’ve Made Me Hungry (2021) for three voices

You’ve Made Me Hungry was commissioned by Megan Ihnen. The piece was inspired by a fusion of three distinct thoughts that coalesced together in early 2021:

  1. An offhand conversation I had with Megan Ihnen where she expressed the desire to have a work written for her that was light-hearted in nature.
  2. My desire to explore and craft a piece written specifically for multiple performers during the COVID-19 pandemic that could be successfully performed over a video teleconferencing platform regardless of latency.
  3. My desire to view the composition as a framework only, acting as a conduit to pass a majority of the creative freedom, expression, and ownership of the work to the performer.

It is my hope that the collaborative and flexible nature of the work fosters a sensibility of ensemble and community that can be expressed even with the strictest of social distancing protocols, something that was sorely missed during the height of the global pandemic.

The performance text are recipes that I’ve collected for my own cooking adventures. While most of them are strict copies of recipes from outside sources, a few are my own creation, developed by tweaking recipes over time. The recipes chosen are meant to be achievable to the average home cook, in celebration of the craft of cooking and the joy of food.

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