The context of National Anthem protesting in marching band

I have a tendency to keep my personal political beliefs out of my online life when it comes to mainstream topics such as our current presidential election, black lives matter, etc. etc.  I do this primarily because I feel like my opinions on those mainstream topics, despite sometimes being nonmainstream, are represented easily enough by my actions and personality and echoed well enough in our currently connected society that my voice doesn’t add significant impact […]

a small essay about me and music.

i have this five-questions meme running on my livejournal at the moment, and one of my friends asked me some pretty in-depth questions that warranted a separate entry. One of those questions asks about the sort of music that i listen to and it seemed appropriate since it talks about some of the bigger influences in my musical life and some of my musical philosophy to post it here instead of livejournal. Q. Music is […]

mobile ringtones during classical music concerts

There’s an old fable regarding a scorpion and a frog who both need to get across a large expanse of water. The scorpion asks the frog to carry him across. The frog hesitates because he’s worried that the scorpion will sting and kill him, but the scorpion points out that he wouldn’t do that because it would cause both of them to drown. The frog accepts this line of reasoning and agrees to carry the […]