integration announcement:

i just installed a wordpress plugin for this blogspace called “WPBook”. The plugin essentially acts as a wordpress/facebook conduit, not only automatically importing any of my resonate entries into facebook via a conduit application i created, but also taking any comments that come from people on facebook and automatically importing it back onto resonate.

the installation was a little complicated but made simple by the plugin developer’s very straightforward installation guide. i *think* i did everything right; time will tell. There’s also a huge amount of customization/flexibility to how wp and fb interface that i may tweak here and there, but at least for right now i’ve set it up the way that i think i want it. Hopefully this will make entries that i post on this blog a bit more seamless in its fb integration and also prettier than what Notes tried to do previously with its RSS feed.

If anyone notices anything weird, let me know.

thank you. we now return you to your regularly scheduled programme.

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