hangouts on air crazy idea

So thanks to my brother, i was able to obtain a token for Google Hangouts on Air for the Tulane University Marching Band g+ Page. Earlier tonight i was doing some test driving and noticed again that there was roughly a 5-10 second delay between the live broadcast and what would get broadcast publicly.

So okay, now here’s what i want to do:

1. Start a Hangouts on Air broadcast in Room A on computer A. Something that’s roughly 5-10 seconds in length.
2. Quickly move Hangouts on Air broadcasting set up to Room B that has computer B in it that is broadcasting the Hangout publicly.
3. Train Computer A’s camera on Computer B’s screen, and feed in the audio of Computer B into Computer A. So now the live broadcast is picking up the 5-1o second delayed thing that i had done earlier – which will recursively add upon itself both in video and audio format ad infinitum.

I wonder what would happen.

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